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"Our focus is on meeting the firm where they are and coming alongside them to move them forward."

Will Hill

Story behind Will Hill Consults

Will Hill Consults was started from a passion of seeing firms and firm leaders make positive change come to life. Will has spent over 20 years working with firms to operate more efficiently, and in ways that drive value to their customers. This experience combined with a passion to truly see change take place is what led Will to launch Will Hill Consults in 2022. We are excited to see how we can partner with your firm to help take ideas and bring them to life for the good of your firm, and your clients.

Will has been serving the Tax & Accounting community since 2001. Will’s excitement and passion for seeing firms achieve their success is palpable in all of his interactions. Will has spent many years working with firms in a consultative capacity as an employee of Thomson Reuters. During his time there, he also developed numerous services to aid in the growth and transformation of tax and accounting firms – including the Practice Forward program. 

In Will’s over 20 years of service, he has consulted/trained with hundreds of firms – stepping foot into over 400 different firms across the country. Will has twice been recognized by the CPA Practice Advisor in the “Under 40” lists. In 2021 Will was named by Accounting Today in their “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” list. Will has written many articles and blogs which have appeared in various industry publications. Prior to his newest podcast series “Lead with Courage”, he was also the creator and co-host of the podcast “Pulse of the Practice”.

Services for your firm

  • Client Engagement & Relationship
  • Strategic Planning
  • Outsourced Change Management
  • Client Growth Opportunity
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Meeting/Retreat Facilitation
  • Leadership Coaching
The Coaching and Consulting Services from Will Hill Consults are separated into 2 categories: What we do for your firm, and what we do with your firm.
8 Week Coaching Program
During this intense weekly coaching program Will works directly with you as the firm owner.
Monthly Coaching Program
Whether this is how we start, or where we go together after the 8-week program, this is a shift in frequency of meeting but follows the same methods.
Meeting / Retreat facilitation
For effective annual or semi-annual firm strategic and planning meetings many firms invite an outside facilitator to help bring focus, neutrality from politics, and the outside perspective. With many years of facilitation and leading strategic planning, Will is excited to come and serve your firm in this manner.


Let Will bring his energy, enthusiasm, and experience to your meeting or conference! For audiences large or small, Will is known for his dynamic energy level coupled with truly actionable information that can be used when you walk out of the meeting. Some recent topics have included:

Using Influence: Internally and Externally
Firm Transparency: A Hidden Key to Staff Engagement
Executing Advisory Focused Client Relationships
3D model for Staff Growth
Fostering Innovation in the Firm

Putting the Customer First

Client Partnership

Using Influence Externally

Leading Through Change

No matter the topic, tax or not tax related, Will promises to bring energy and a message that includes steps to be taken right away to see forward motion in your business.



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